Saturday, October 28, 2006

Toys R Us The Big Toy Book

Guess who is in the TOYS R US BIG TOY BOOK?
Whoohooo...she made the BIG book
On Page 47......
Page 47
Sitting Pretty in the Jeep Hurricane.....
The Big Toys R Us Book
Litte Miss Emma Sage
and on page 41, is our friend Emma Grace!
Emma Grace
Emma Sage met her friend Emma Grace at a Toys R Us photoshoot a year ago........and her Momma and I have become e-mail friends. The two got to see each other again this past September at the NDSS New York City Buddy Walk.......and there meeting up was so delightful, as the two of them wer so excited to see each other and greeted each other like long lost friends!
Here is a link to the photos I took of our adventure into NYC this spring for the photoshoot that took this shot for the Big Toy Book [can you tell I'm so excited my little girl made the BIG Christmas holiday issue!!!!]
So look in your Sunday papers tomorrow, and if you happen to have an extra copy you don't want, I'd love to recieve it so I can add it to her box of treasures.


Mauzy said...

Oh what a wonderful layout! Can ES get Nash a discount on the Jeep? LOL

I will look for her tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Emma Sage and Emma Grace!!! Wonderful!!!

We will be looking for them as well.

Michelle said...

Horray!!! We just fished out our copy from the paper! Such great fun to see her gorgeous face in there!!!

Miranda said...

Yay!! I got it today!! Way to go Emma Sage, you're a super star!!

My mom might have an extra copy, I'll get it and send it to you.

Jeanne said...

You go EMMA!

Linda D said...

we were on the way home from visiting Corey, Steve, and baby Claire, and I was reading the paper and saw the Toy R' Us holiday catalog... I immediately started looking for Emma Sage and there she was.. I didn't even know she was going to be in there.
She looks adorable!
Our***** Family Star *********!

Mary said...

Hey Tara,
Looks like our Beauties made the big time again! I Love the shot of ES in that Jeep. She looks like she had a blast on that shoot. Hope to talk to ya soon.
Mary and Emma Grace

Tara Marie said...

Thank you all.....Emma Sage has been carring around her copy and showing it to everyone she comes in contact with...she even has 'autographed' a few!

Mary, I'm so glad you stopped by, I lost your e-mail and wanted to tell you how exited I was to see Emma Grace in the BIG book too!

Amy said...

My boys were excited when I showed them her picture!!

Too cool!!


Michelle said...

Yep we got it in our Sun paper! You look great miss Emma Sage!!

LeslieAnn said...

I'm telling everyone I know to look for Emma Sage! That is AWESOME! Awesome, awesome, awesome!