Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My sweet little girl....
Pleasure's the only noble end
To which all human powers should tend;
And virtue gives her heavenly lore,
But to make pleasure please us more!
Wisdom and she were both design'd
To make the senses more refined,
That man might revel free from cloying,
Then most a sage, when most enjoying!
Thomas Moore

I just adore this photograph of Little Miss.........I took this on Saturday at the reunion. She climbed right up in to the window seat and told me that she 'I love this seat'....'Can I have one at home?'.......which got me thinking of where in our small home I could build a bookcase and window seat for Emma Sage to climb up in and read her books. Ah, sweet child of mine, I too would love a window seat to join you in and sit for hours reading together.


Rebecca said...

I love the grainy effect of this photo Tara Marie. My does Emma Sage look older in this photo.

I too would love a window seat like this, how amazing it would be to sit in the bright sun while reading together.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful photograph and verse.
I love your journal.
Love Jeanne

Bennetts said...

OH my these are the best shots I have ever seen! What a talented eye you have Tara Marie! Thank You for share these they are just wonderful all of them!