Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My creation


Linda said...

being Rick's cousin - you know how close we all are and how many wonderful memories we all have!! :)Linda

Tara Marie said...

Hi Linda! I'm in the process of writing a piece on 'Cousins' after the loss of my Mother and one of the things I was writing about was how lucky and blessed Rick is to have been so close with all of his cousins...........

I never got over with the gift for Corey, but it is sitting here and I will try to bring it over this weekend. How was the shower?

Linda said...

It turned out to be a beautiful day and she was very happy and emotional..
She is 33 wks today and will be taken off total bedrest at 35 wks so she can gain her strength for taking care of her little angel when she arrives!!
Livi is 1yr old today!!! Can you believe it!!
Can't wait to read your piece on cousins.
Hope you are doing well!
I love your blog!!!
We will get together!