Saturday, October 14, 2006

In Loving Memory.......

Missing my Mom so very much this evening.....made a montage with one of her favorite songs.....

My cousin Karen in Ireland shared this poem with me. She said it reminds her of Philly. I so wish there was not an ocean that seperated the comfort of all of you here was so wonderful and we miss you all dearly.

Any Woman
by Katherine Tynan Hinkson

I am the pillars of the house;
The keystone of the arch am I.
Take me away, and roof and wall
Would fall to ruin me utterly.

I am the fire upon the hearth,
I am the light of the good sun,
I am the heat that warms the earth,
Which else were colder than a stone.

At me the children warm their hands;
I am their light of love alive.
Without me cold the hearthstone stands,
Nor could the precious children thrive.

I am the twist that holds together
The children in its sacred ring,
Their knot of love, from whose close tether
No lost child goes a-wandering.

I am the house from floor to roof,
I deck the walls, the board I spread;
I spin the curtains, warp and woof,
And shake the down to be their bed.

I am their wall against all danger,
Their door against the wind and snow,
Thou Whom a woman laid in a manger,
Take me not till the children grow!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful poem. How lovely it was to see so many amazing images of Miss ES in one place.

Many hugs to you dear friend. I am planning on calling you tomorrow.

Jeanne said...

I copied you.
Can you take a look at my post
every picture tells a story and tell me why mine does not look like yours.
I used the code that one media said to use for blogger.
Any help would be great.
Your postings are divine!

Nicole said...

So beautiful, even though I couldn't hear it. Gotta figure that one out and watch it again. I love the poem. Again dear friend, I am sorry for your loss. How blessed you are that you had a Mom who was such an inspiration and friend! HUGS

Michelle said...

what a beautiful tribute!

Amy said...

I love this poem..and it made me think of your mom and your new was written for a similar situation.

Nancy's Song
Baby in the night,
strange smile on your face,
I wonder who you're dreaming of,
does she wear a gentle face?

Through the gates of night,
does she whisper, does she call;
do you see someone in the starlight
whom we can't see at all?

Do you recognize
someone who shared your father's eyes,
whose blood flowed with a kindred
till it ran no more?

Child, how softly you sleep;
tell me, do you keep
a memory so deep
that pulses still with life,
with hopes and dreams
that she once bore?

Are there stories in your keeping
that only she could know;
are there pictures in your star-filled eyes
that only she could show?
In your journey to this circle
and hers to a place apart,
did you pass so close together
that she gave to you her heart?

Are there songs in the shadows
that only you can hear?
In the nighttime's deepest hours,
does she whisper not to fear?
When the morning sun is breaking
and pushing back the dark,
then do you see, with dawn-filled eyes,
why she gave to you her heart?

---Jan Richardson


Kari said...

Beautiful! Many hugs!!