Friday, October 06, 2006

"Do you love me because I am beautiful, or am I beautiful because you love me?" ~ Cinderella

Today was a bit difficult for me, as a few times I went to pick up the phone to call my Mother, only to be hit with the realization that is a daily habit of mine that can never happen again. So what better to do? Emma Sage and I headed up the lane to the graveyard and talked to Nana in person. While there, this sweet child of mine says 'Shhhh'.......and I stop to listen. The wind was blowing in the near-by trees and she turns to me and says "can you hear it?" and I ask "what do I hear" and she says "GOD"............and at that moment, the voice of GOD was carried in the wind through the trees for me.

Mom, I miss you dearly.


Betsy said...

That gave me chills -- what a blessing this little one is to you.

Jeanne said...

God bless you I am walking in your exact steps having just lost my beloved Mother in August.
They say time is the best healer, but I miss my Mom so much it breaks my heart.
God bless you and yours real well.
Love and prayers.
Love Jeanne
Ontario Canada! ^j^

Michelle said...

Aw, hon, I have tears in my eyes. From the quote and from the things that sweet beautiful child says! The innocence of childhood is not to be sneezed at...

mum2brady said...

Oh - that is amazing. Miss Emma Sage is so precious and in tune.... She is truly a blessing.