Monday, October 23, 2006

Buddy Walk

We had our local Buddy Walk on Saturday. It was a beautiful fall day and Emma Sage had so much fun! My sister and her children joined us. I loved it,,,,my siser was even able to nurse baby Gabriel while walking the walk!!! Our local Buddy Walk is quite small and it is in a remote area of the Reservoir, so that most of the walkers are just family and friends.....but it was so much fun to meet up in a relaxed setting with all of our members [we are a very small group of maybe 15 to 18 regular members on a monthly basis] and the children had so much fun playing, dancing and doing the walk.

There is one little girl that Emma Sage adores. Her name is Devony and Emma Sage loves to play with her.

Two little swingers.....Emma Sage and Devony

My little Swinger
My little swinger........I just get lost looking into Emma Sage's eyes.

Kelsy, Fiona, Connor and Gabriel
Kelsy, Connor, Fiona and Gabriel at the BuddyWalk
Greta and Gabriel
Greta and Gabriel........ah, cousins, sweet, sweet cousins.

Otto Hanging around
Otto hanging around at the walk.....

Doing the Limbo
Doing the L*I*M*B*O

Limbo queen
How low can you go.....

How low can you go?
What fun!!!


Michelle said...

Looks like it was a fun buddy walk!

Miranda said...

It looks like it was a wonderful day! I like the pic of Emma sage doing the limbo :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Buddy Walk.

Linda said...

Tara - I love these pictures!!
The kids are always so happy!
and I love the one of Otto in the tree!(it's so boy!)
I couldn't find your email address in a hurry, but-
We have a new little member to our family -
Corey and Steve had their baby, Claire Avery McQuaid- Born 10/25/06-3:50am (we got there in time:) she was early - weighing in at 4lb 9 1/2 oz - 18". Full head of dark, curly hair and cute as a lttle button ( but then- I'm kind of partial!) We stayed up 2 night in a row!-all worth it!
they are so happy and relieved all went well!
I'm happy but tired!!
Our 4th of July picnic grows bigger each year, doesn't it? :)
Love, Linda