Thursday, September 07, 2006

Kindergarten 2006

First Day of School 2006
Emma Sage is so excited about schooling....she tells everyone she is 'HomeSchooled' and she is quite proud of that fact.

Yestday was an amazing day....I have to update when I have some time [when will that be???? oh please, current of life slow a bit so this Momma can update all the amazing adventures we have been on] but her is her first 'Official' start of school shot.

Tonight, I promise our 'Educating Emma Sage' blog will be filled with pictures and the curriculum we have chosen.

Just a proud Momma fact [OK,,,,so it seems like a brag, but I am so proud of this little girl and how much she loves to learn that I just had to share!!], Emma Sage knows all her ABC's [upper and lower] can count to 20, can count by twos & tens, knows her numbers without hesitation to 13 visually, can add and subtract her counting bears in any combination you present to her up to 13 [that seems to be her magic number] and has a sight word base of 63 words [from the Dolch list]. We will start our 'Teach your child to read in a 100 easy lessons' in about two weeks....until then we are working on her foundation of letters and sounds. I have compiled so many incredible learning tools/books/programs and I am so excited to be able to share what we are doing.

So.....her is one more image from our first day.....
Old school house
I thought this would be a fun place to visit on our first day, as this is the old one-room school house in our township [now a museum].


mum2brady said...

Happy first day of school Emma Sage! You are such a smarty pants, can't wait to hear more about your home school adventures!!! Have fun!

Michelle said...

Beautiful dress on a beautiful girl! Looking forward to hearing all about Emma Sage's homeschooling adventures!

Nicole said...

BRAG BRAG BRAG honey! She so deserves it. She is such a smart girl. I know these are her accomplishments but you should be so proud of yourself too, as well as your other kiddos, I know they work with our girl as well. You guys are a great family! Love you!

Kari said...

AWW look at the Beautiful student!! I am looking forward to hearing all about Emma Sages Homeschooling adventures. I have to admit I am a little envious I so wish I could home school.

Felicia said...

WOW! You have taken many, many beautiful photographs, and that one of Emma Sage in her first day of school dress is definitely one of my new favs! I love fall, and you can just smell the apple pie and cider just looking at her photo!


rnp said...

I missed these photos before. Wow, the colors are remarkable.

She looks so beautiful in that dress :)