Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sheer Being..........

"Enough for me the mystery of the eternity of life, and the inkling of the marvelous structure of reality. There is in this neither a will nor a goal, nor a must, but only sheer being." Albert Einstein

So you are wondering, what does this quote from Einstein have to do with our day today? It actually has much to do with all of our days with Emma Sage.

First, the mystery of the eternity of life, was revealed to me upon the conception of this little girl as told in the above link of her Birth Story.

Secondly, there is not a day that goes by that anyone in Emma Sage's prescence does not feel the power of her soul.....she has this aura about her that just radiates life and goodness. Everywhere we go, she captures people with her spirit and you can see within minutes the sense of peace and calm come over those that get to interact with her.......and last night was no different. We went to Immaculate Conceptions Summer Festival....and every where we went, people stopped to engage with this little social butterfly. I saw more smiles and response to her just 'BEING' all night long.

So here in photographs are a bit of 'Sheer Being' [and loving ever minute of it]

Face Painting at the fair
First she got her face painted....and the story behind this moment of 'Sheer Being' is a young teenager came up to us and said "Would she like her face painted?" and Emma Sage said "yes, please".........she picked out the star with a rainbow and the girl painted said that was the perfect image for little Miss,,,,and when we went to go pay, the woman collecting the money [who was watching the two teenagers with Emma Sage swooning over her said....."No, this one is on us!"]

Look what I have....
See Mommy, I'm a radiant star!

Sheer Fun!!!
She loved the rides
Checking to see
Fair B&W
On this ride there were so many strangers just waving back at Emma Sage who was so gleefully waving to all she passed!
I see you...
Hey Mommy, you're upside-down!
Wow,,,they have tickets too
Wow, they have tickets too!!

Her favorite ride
This was by far her most favorite ride and went on it 5 times.
She rode this ride 5 times....
Waving to Otto and Kelsy
Waving hello!!! She did this all night her the 'Good Will Ambassador to Humanity'
Look what Otto won me
and Look What Otto Won her.....her most favorite of beings....Elmo!
Cousins at the fair
Cousins having fun....Otto and Kelsy
Fair time...
and then we saw the fireworks [which Little Miss does not really like being right under them, as the noise just is too loud for this gentle, quiet being....

and then off to drop everyone off and home to bed...............with our little girl who lifts our hearts and spirits all day long!


Michelle said...

What a fun time at the fair! She is just enjoying herself on all those rides isn't she?

CameraDawktor said...

What an amazing birth story.

I felt prompted by reading the scriptures one day while pregnant with my youngest that we would have a difficult birth.

That turned out to be very true, he almost died, but I had much peace about it because I was prepared beforehand, and when my husband found himself torn between my needs and TSE's (right after delivery), I realized he didn't have the peace that I had and said, go to our son, because I knew I would be OK.

I am very greatful that I was prepared like that, and although I wish TSE's birth would have went differently, it also helped my faith to know that God could help me through a difficult time by preparing me beforehand.

It sounds like that's what happened with you too, how wonderful that you were able to find peace in which could have been a super stressful situation.

Thanks so much for sharing that story!

Jessica said...

I love the fair pictures! And what a great story

Nicole said...

How precious! I have almost the same pic of T last year discovering that the boy behind her had a ticket. So in tune our girls are! I can not wait to meet her next month!! Oh...and you too. :) HUGS

Tammy and Parker said...

These are the kind of experiences that I hope Parker can be healthy enough to one day have!

Abi said...

this is amazing.
your daughter, you..
please contact me,
i am interested in buying a few of your photos if they are for sale.

Shelley said...

Great pics as usual! Miss Emma is obviously having a ball. Even my husband who is incredibly biased (He thinks Hannah is the most gorgeous girl in the world) was impressed by your beautiful daughter.