Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Mothers Heart.....

A Daughters Love....

This morning while Katrina and Greta were getting ready for school, I sat writing in my journal. Something I have done since I was 10 years old.

I get the movement in and out of the room, the little 'Wheres' my flipflops?.....Does this match?' type questions. Except this morning, a few times, Katrina just comes over to me and stands looking at me. I look up and smile and she smiles back.

So on with writing I go and finish up. I head into the kitchen to put on some coffee and just before they leave [and the handing out of lunch money] I get a kiss from them each [most days,,,sometimes they are flying out to the door because their ride is early] Katrina turns back to me and gives me the biggest hug.......not letting go and she says "Mom, I love you so very much!".....I tell her I love her dearly and to have a good day.

As I watched the two of them drive off with Jake our neighbor, my two young girls that are now young woman.....I start to cry. I know they are both so very independent and more than capable of being out in the world on their own.....but today I am crying,,,,because I know that the hug that Katrina gave me is a hug that she will cherish [and I cherish with all my heart] and I hope that she takes the time to give me a hug every and anytime she wishes as we move forward in time.

Katrina will not be home this afternoon from school........her hug to me was her way of dealing with the death of her mothers friend. No, Katrina will not be home this afternoon from school because she is going to the wake of her dear friends Mother.........and I'm sitting here crying because I know that that hug was not just a hug between Katrina and I....but it was a hug between all Mothers and Daughters.

~M other~
Mother You filled my days with rainbow lights,fairytales and sweet dream nights,A kiss to wipe away my tears,Gingerbread to ease my fears.You gave the gift of life to me,And then in love, you set me free.I thank you for your tender care,for deep warm hugs and being there.I hope that when you think of me,A part of you, you'll always see.
~Author Unknown~

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