Monday, May 22, 2006


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Yesterday we spent a delightful day just playing 'catch-up' from all the hustle and bustle of the last few weeks......and then the power went out [a big tree fell down the lane] and lucky for me, the laundry was done [except for one last load that needed to be dried] and I had put on a pot roast and baked potatoes and when the power went out at four [they were done.....can you believe my luck?!?] we ate, cleaned up while there was still day light [we have a well, so no electricity means no water either] some candles and books and headed to bed early....I took this at the last bit of remaining daylight outside as we were feeding animals, bringing in the laundry from the line and getting ready for our early evening to bed [It was bed by that was a treat!!!]

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K.T. says peace said...

You take the most beautiful pix.Other than the fact we have electric range I kind of like it when the lights go out,slows down the whole technological rush.