Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day

We are having just the greatest weekend......we had *nothing* planned, but have been busy a carefree, relaxed way.

Today was the Califon Memorial Day Parade.....Otto marched with his BoyScout Pack and had the honor of holding the American Flag. It is also Otto's 10th Birthday!!!!

Emma Sage and I went and watched the parade.......she was at first afraid of the sirens and loud noises from the FireTrucks and Resue vehicles....but her flag waving and saying 'HELLO' to everyone that passed got the best of her.

Right now the children are swimming in the pool....I'm running to the store, we have family coming for Otto's Birthday Celebration....

Oh, and I'm doing laundry and gardening in-between! lol!

In honor of all those that have fought and given their life in the name of Freedom, please take a moment from your day for a minute of silence at 3:00PM.

Peace on Earth!!!
Emma Sage waving her little flag
Here is Emma Sage waving her flag at the parade....

Memorial Day 2006`
My Big 10 year old reflecting by the river after the parade.


Michelle said...

I love this picture - how the red and blue in the flag really stand out against the background!

Linda and Tom Devlin said...

Wasn't it a great weekend!!!
We got back from Doug & Janet's on Thurs and brought the sun and heat with us so we could have a warm Memorial Day weekend!
The pictures are just beautiful, Tara - and
Happy 10th birthday to Otto!
Wow - where did those 10 yrs go?! :)
love you all,
Linda D

Tara Marie said...

Thanks Michelle....I have a picture of him in the parade with the big flag but it is on my 'film' camera!

Welcome back Linda and Tom....and thanks for the Florida it turn cold as soon as Doug and Janet get here later in the week...I'm excited to see them!