Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A 5th Birthday Celebration

I can not believe it has been five whole years since Emma Sage entered our lives and filled our hearts and home with so much love, peace, excitment, wonder, magic and joy!

Here is a link to her birth that was truly the beginning of this magical journey.

I have a birthday letter to share, but I'm not finished writting it [sorry baby girl, but life has been so busy of late that I have just not been able to really sit down and write....but I'm working on it!]

So here is how my little girl celebrated her Fifth Birthday.

Her celebrations actually started on Saturday when she got her first 'official' birthday song sung to her at the PALS convention.....I have a video clip of it [and it was just adorable as she was so excited to be sung to and blow out the candle [a tiki totum pole because the theme was a Luau]. I am having trouble uploading to our dropshots account and promise to put a link in as soon as I figure out why I can't upload "Have I ever told you I'm the very computer saavy!?!"

Here is a picture of the 'Birthday Song' at the PALS convention....the video is priceless.....

Then at breakfast on Sunday at the Fireman's breakfast [can you believe it has been a whole month....and it was sad for me because last month we had Isabel] our German Exchange student with us....I miss Isabel. We got to meet Emma Sage's cousin Livjia for the first time.....what a beautiful little peanut she is.....and Daddy sang to Emma Sage [and she was just overcome by joy to have her Daddy sing to her]. Then Little Miss went off with Aunt Linda and Uncle Tom's and spent the afternoon visiting [all by herself and she had so much fun].

On Monday we finished her birthday party invitations and I think that is when it really sank in for Emma Sage that tomorrow was really 'May 9' and her birthday.

On her birthday, Emma Sage woke to balloons floating all around and her favorite breakfast, bacon and French Toast and OJ. We had to sing the 'Birthday song' at breakfast.....her smile just melts my heart.

Then off to the library [you know the greatest treasure in the world is a library filled with books, tapes and movies you can borrow!] pick up the #5 ~ Dunkin Donuts that she was taking to school to celebrate with her classmates....and to feed the ducks [this is Emma Sage's most favorite thing to do and what she said she wanted to do for her birthday]

Emma Sage's fifth Birthday
On our way to the library.........

Feeding the ducks 3
Feeding the ducks......
Feeding the ducks, 2
Look how happy she is to be at the river.....this little girl just loves water.

Uncle Louie...the goose
Uncle Louie.....Emma Sage's favorite goose
Birthday profile.
Watching the ducks and geese......too sweet!

We then went home and had a picnic lunch {I shot those pictures with my 35mm and still have to pick up the film/cd from no pictures here yet!}

After school [where she got to hear the 'Birthday Song' yet again.....

a little girl came home with a backpack FILLED,,,,,with hand-made Birthday Cards.

Otto had shared with his class that it was Emma Sage's fifth birthday and many of the children in his class and a few from other grades also [can you believe it....what a wonderful community we live in] had made special birthday cards and wishes for Emma Sage......

Sitting with all her cards [I took this one today]

and another view of the Birthday Wishes [I had tears in my eyes reading all the cards with Emma was very powerful and moving to read the wishes from other children....this little girl really is loved by so many]


and then we had cupcakes and sang [yet again....that magical song] with our neighbors Bryna, Bridget, John and Allysa..........
Birthday horn

Blowing a birthday horn.....

Then for dinner [her favorite,,,,,,London broil, perogies with bacon and onions, red cabbage and steamed broccoli].........and here are the strawberries for her poundcake and whipped cream after dinner birthday treat.
Wow....birthday strawberries

Singing Happy Birthday with Grammy, Aunt Heidi and our family. Our big birthday party with family and friends is scheduled for the 20th....
Happy 5th Birthday Sweet Girl

Reading a card from Aunt Heidi.......too cute!

and giving her brother Otto a big Birthday kiss while saying 'Thank you' for her present from him......and what did Otto get Emma Sage......her newest favoritest movie....'Nanny McPhee'!!!!!
Sibling love

and then we got washed up....put on our jammies and headed off to rest....

What a busy Fifth Birthday we filled with many wonderful moments and beautiful memories.

Happy 5th Birthday Sweet Little Girl.

We love you dearly.


Tammy and Parker said...

Parker and I are wishing you many, many wonderfully magical moments in the upcoming year! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that Emma Sage had a wonderful birthday...

Belovedlife said...

Happy birthday to a special, beautiful girl! It wounds like you had a great day! Here's to many many many more happy birthdays!

Kari said...

~HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA SAGE!~ sorry I am a bit late. We have been very busy with our own Birthday girl. Looks like she had a wonderful day. All the cards from school are so nice [it made my eyes tear up]it's nice to know our children are loved. I remember Chanelle came home on Valentines day and told me she didn't get any Valentines from her friends. After she worked so hard making up one for each child in her class I thought she would be devastated and almost broke down and cried in front of her. Then she screamed "Just joking" she had a bag full :) Brat haha. Can't wait to see the pictures from the party!

Michelle said...

Happy (belated) birthday Miss Emma Sage! Sorry we've been on vacation and didn't get a chance to post much (had dial-up yuck!) Looks like you had an amazing day! Glad you received the card from Kayla!