Monday, April 10, 2006

Me and My Daddy......what a whirl-wind of days we have been having of late. Lots of fun with Isabel and her friends from Germany, we had two birthday parties on Sunday and Easter Egg Hunts.....and I'm one tired Momma. Rick is heading out to an exotic destination and we are jammed packed with bowling/pizza party, New York City [2x in the next week], to the MALLS [you know young ladies and shopping,,,it is an International thing too!] the Shore and Boardwalk, Easter Sunday and Pot Luck Dinner...and then I can breath a bit and go back to my semi-crazy life schedule. I thought this picture was cute of Miss Emma Sage and her Most favorite guy in the whole wide world. Posted by Picasa


Michelle said...

That is such a precious picture!

snowblog said...

Daddy's are special! Emma Lynne thinks hers is pretty awesome too! Such a sweet pic!