Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mommy, I happy!

"Mommy, I happy!" are the words from little Misses mouth as we finished our book before bed tonight.

Me: "I'm so glad you are happy.....why are you happy?"

Emma Sage: "Cause my Bella come tomorrow"

Me: "Yes, Isabel comes tomorrow"

Emma Sage: "Yes, my Bella come, I love Bella"

Now mind you, Isabel is our German Exchange student, whom Little Miss has never met, but she is so excited about her visit and she already knows she 'Loves Bella'.

So life will get a little fuller here starting tomorrow as our German Exchange student arrives and settles into 'life in our American Family'

Isabel is an only child, .....she is coming into the depths of a family.....big, loud and happy! I think this is going to be a wonderful experience for all!

and I know that this 'love' will grow over the next few weeks and Emma Sage will have another 'Big Sister' to cherish.


mum2brady said...

How darling is Emma Sage - so ready to accept and love someone she hasn't even met :) I hope you all have a great experience, can't wait to read more about it!

Michelle said...

That's great she's so ready to welcome your exchange student! can't wait to read all about it!

Tara Marie said...

Isabel is here....and little Miss was fast asleep as they had flight she has to wait till tomorrow to meet her.