Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Just so sweet.....

Emma Sage is just so sweet. Day~in and Day~out, our life with this little girl is filled with the sweetest and sometimes the funniest moments.

Today we had to quickly head down to the high school to pick up Greta as she got hurt at Track during hurdle practice. After I hung up from the phone call, I asked Katrina to sit for the children [it was just about pick-up time] as we had to run down to the school to get Greta.

On the way to the school, Emma Sage was quiet, looking intently out the window. As we pulled into the school parking lot this is our conversation:

"Momma, my Greta urt?" asks Emma Sage

"Yes, she is" I respond

"She get urt on the track?" asks Emma Sage

"Yes, she got hurt running the hurdles on the track"

"Oh, my poor Greta" says Emma Sage

and then as we round past the track she says "Bad track, you no hurt my sister"

and then when we finally get Greta in the car Emma Sage was so, so very sweet.....and gives Greta a big hug and kiss and says "I love you Greta, I sorry you urt" and then "you no do track again!"

and another sweet thing she has been doing.

Her Daddy brought her home a necklace from Barbados last week and he put in on her......she danced, she looked in the mirror, she said "Oh, Thank you, thank you" over and over.....and she won't take that necklace off........"No, not ever, ever" is what she says.

Grammy [the other day]: "I like your necklace" to Emma Sage, who responds: "Thank you, Daddy got it in Bados [this is how she says Barbados when she is talking quickly]. and then Katrina says "Do you want to take it off to show it to Grammy?" ..........."NO, NO, not ever,ever, I no take my necklace off" says our little nymph.

So if you notice, all the photos of Little Miss lately [and probally from a long time to come] will have a shell necklace around her sweet little neck.

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