Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ask and you shall receive.....

I had one more clip on the camera from last nights dance class, so since you asked for "more videos'....I'm more than happy to please!

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This was the second time they practiced the whole routine together....for some reason my video upload cuts off at 2minutes...but the girls bora' back and do toe points and a turn and the cutest bow ever!

I am so 'surprised' and delighted that Miss Emma Sage stays quite focused during dance class held in this room because there are way too many distractions and the girls are so close together that they tend to bump and touch each other often and this does not distract her too much!

Did you also notice that their is another girl in her class blessed with an extra 21st? She is such a sweet-heart and want to hear another neat fact....Ms. Denise has a beautiful little girl two months younger than Emma Sage that is also blessed........can you imagine that! We were so lucky to find such an inclusive and supportive dance school.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful, and yes we did notice the other magical little girl on the first video as well.

Emma does an incredible job maintaining her focus and doing her little routine-I am sure you are proud of her-and for good reason.

Thank you for sharing these-we will be anticipating more in the future. It's almost as if the distance between us is bridged when we see her in actual movement.

Bravo Miss Emma Sage-we love you!!!

Kari said...

puverrwThat is too precious for words. I didn't notice any other magical girl and when i went back and tried to figure it out I still can't. Probably because I find it hard to take my eyes off little Miss Emma Sage! Thanks for sharing your sweet girl reading your blog always warms my heart.