Thursday, February 09, 2006

"Ohhhhh.......the Moon"

This little girl has the sweetest little voice. Her voice is like music,,,,so pure and soft, and just oh, so sweet. Tonight we were heading out to pick-up Otto from a playdate at a friends [they are busy building a fort in the woods]....and this is what I hear.

"Ohhhhhhhh,,,,the Moon"
"Look Mom, the Moon"
"I love-a the Moon"
"The Moon up in the sky"
"Up and Down, the Moon is Up"

LOL!!!! She is just so darn sweet. Her observations on life are just pure and beautiful. I looked up at the Moon and smiled......I Love the Moon too little girl......Mommy Loves the Moon too!Posted by Picasa

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Julie said...

TM, It must have been a night for enjoying the moon. Maybe they were looking at it at the same time! We got out of the car after choir and Emily sang so clear and sweet "The moon shines bright, Say Goodnight!" Don't you just love their sweet voice?

Love you!