Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My Little Flirt.....

We had such a fun, playful day. Our walk up the Lane to see the animals was fun....lots of running, giggling, listening. We listened to the birds and heard a hawk......a few times. The children get very excited when they can identify the hawk. We saw amazing clouds [I'm going to post a few after this entry.] We heard a plane and a tractor full of hay drove by. There were dogs barking [and amazingly enough they were not our three Jack Russells as they were all inside].

We came home and played games and had a yummy lunch. Then off to school for Emma Sage and nap-time and Mommy cleaned up after our morning.

The Flirt part? We went to a banquet fundraiser for Greta's basketball team. Emma Sage was in heaven with the whole event. She was hungry [from all the outside playing and running, not to mention school and no nap] and she sat and ate with Nana, PopPop, RoseMarie and John. Then she headed over to Greta's table with her team-mates. This is how the conversation went [per Greta]

Emma Sage: "Hi, I'm Emma Sage, What's your name?"
Kate: "I'm Kate"
Emma Sage: "Hi Kate" then turns to the next girl "What's your name?"
Katie" "I'm Katie"
Emma Sage: "No you not, thats Kate"....pointing to Kate
Katie "Yes, that's Kate, I'm KATIEEEE"
Emma Sage: "Oh, Hi Katieeeee"
and so forth around the table, till they got to Drew [one of the team managers]
Drew: "I'm Drew"
Emma Sage.......giggling "Hi Drew".....then turns her head coyly and says again "Hiiiiiiiiii Drew".....then she puts her hands over her face,,,,,pops them open like [peek-a-boo]......."HI DREW".
a few giggles.....and then more,,,,"Hi Drew".......giggle, giggle, giggle.

Greta and the girls were all laughing at her flirting with Drew....and Drew thought it was just the cutest thing.

I'm in trouble.....I know!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

This would have been so cute to see... ES you are a little charmer girl.