Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Mommy, I'm a Lucky Girl"

"Mommy, I'm a Lucky Girl" are the words right out of Emma Sage's mouth as she got off the bus from school yesterday. "Yes, you are a lucky girl" I reply and then add "Why?"

"Yeah, I'm a Lucky Girl"......replies Emma Sage

So again I ask "Why?"

"Oh, I lucky girl, I go see Nanny McPhee again"........says Emma Sage.

"Oh, you do? When?" is my response.

"We go now?" she asks.

"No, we can't go now, but we can go on Friday" I comment,

"Yeah, I a lucky girl on Friday!"....with a quick, "and Popcorn and sour worms and soda?"

"Yes, we can go to see Nanny McPhee on Friday and get popcorn and sour worms and soda" I reply.

"I a LUCKY GIRL" my little girl says as she runs to give me a big hug.

So guess what we are doing on Friday.......going to see 'Nanny McPhee' again!

I guess I'm a Lucky Girl too!!!!!

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rachel said...

that is so sweet. what a great moment.