Sunday, February 26, 2006

Angel in February~3

Angel in February~3
Originally uploaded by annikaleigh.
I love this shot as her extra chromosome shines brightly on her facial features in this photograph....what a little blessing you are Miss Emma Sage.


Naomi said...

Just beautiful, completey breathtaking.

Where oh where did you get those wings, they look like they come from a film set.

Tara Marie said...

Thanks Naomi.....I actually got them on sale for $2.00 at a party store that was going out of business....they are so much fun!

I'm very happy with the way these photographs turned out....they are very special to me.

I have missed you...I'm on over-load and can't even get online to write on my blog...posting pictures with quick captions is about all I can handle at this point. How are the boys?