Saturday, January 21, 2006

What is it about this child?......

What is it about this child that makes people draw near to her? Emma Sage has a spirit that is so palpable [I wish I could bottle it up] this amazing aura that just draws people in and touches them deeply within a matter of seconds.

My day starts out with a smile and a kiss from my little girl [what better way than to start your day like that?]

We headed out to Otto's basketball game and Little Miss walks into the gym and everyone greets her, children run up to her to say 'Hello Emma Sage' and as soon as half-time rolls around, there is Little Miss on the bench with the team because they wanted their mascot! Too cute!!

Then at the coffee shop she was the little hostess.....greeting everyone who walked in and bringing smiles to their faces. "Hello.....What is your name?" [their response and asking her her name]..."I'm Emma Sage XXXX" she replies. "You getting a coffee?".......and then the conversation just grows. Lots of high fives and good-byes and my little Miss is off to her next adventure. We love this coffee shop because 'Aunt Dawny' works there and Emma Sage is royalty in her eyes. She gets to go behind the counter and ring up the customers, takes the money and give back change and a delightful send off "Bye-come again!" or if she really likes you she will 'blow you kisses'.

We then headed out with our coffee and goodies for the car ride to IKEA, at Port Elizabeth. If you have never been to IKEA you really should make the journey. Now, being Swedish by heritage does not make me bias to this place, it is the fun, practical ways to find storage solutions and wonderful gadgets for the home that have me hooked. We were able to pick up more rolled paper for my little Artist and her easel and we got a new storage unit for our felt boards, puzzles and Leap-pad, etc. items we got for Christmas.

This IKEA is truly a marvalous place because of its proxmity to New York City, New Jersey and the Outter is like being in the United Nations......which was right up Emma Sage's you guess it,,,,,her AURA was beaming and so was her sweet little smile and she made friends with every person she passed. It is just like people are drawn to her....this place is so busy on a weekend and very crowded, and still people paused and responded to her 'greetings'......It is like this kid is a Good Will Ambassador and people just realize it and are happy to take a moment to extend fellowship to another human being, amoungst the crowds, chaos and closest units!

We ate Swedish Meatballs and watched the big planes taking off from Newark Airport.....each one that went by, Emma Sage would wave and say "My Daddy on that plane?". [This is such a fun adventure in-of-itself, dinning along side the runway and the turnpike!........watching cars and planes go by,,,,what could be better than that for a four year old, not to mention her 9 year old brother!]

After our check-out, the bigger three wanted to stop in the Swedish Food Mart and get a few treats, so Emma Sage and I sat in the busy exit area waiting....and sure enough, people we had met on the showroom floors earlier were passing by saying "Bye Emma Sage"........and of coarse this Momma had a big smile on her face [cause I know the secret my little girl posses of making anothers soul light-up and joyful feeling of just by being in her presence].

and now, we are busy putting together our Trofast storage unit.

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