Friday, January 06, 2006

Today, I didn't go on set with Emma Sage but watched from the window into the set and took this picture of the photographer and the compter screen that has Miss Emma Sage's image from the shot on it.....she was so excited that she got to model with a 'Dolly' as last night when I told her we were going to go 'Modeling' today, she was so excited and said "Maybe I model with a dolly?" and lo-and-behold she got to this time!!! There is also another beautiful little girl in the ad with her with the dolly, but you don't see that image on this shot. This is such a wonderful studio we have been to four times in the last few months for Toys R Us....we have also been into NYC and Northern NJ for two other shoots.....and many of the crew are the same on each location and Little Miss just adores them and they seem to 'love her back' just as much! Posted by Picasa

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