Friday, January 13, 2006

The In-between....

Life has been full............days are welcomed, lived and retire into the night,,,,,,,with sweet dreams to carry us over into the dawn of a new day.

My resolution to leave the Internet has been hard, but it has also opened up my days for more celebrations, more projects completed with some exciting ones waiting to be started. [not to mention my sock basket is sorted and matched!]

I have joined an artists book club and we are beginning the project of reading and living the book 'the Artists Way ~ A Spiritual Path to High Creativity' and I am looking forward to this journey.

I began a program called 'Couch to 5K' and have started the process of getting myself back in shape and geared up to run my first 5K on September 24th in honor of my sisters little boy Griffin Patrick at the Griffin Patrick 5K.

A dear friend sent me a wonderful gift from the Walkers Warehouse and I have been using the step counter and journa...........and will post pictures after I complete this mission to get my self back to the best possible physical fitness I can be at.

Greta and Emma Sage are busy perfecting their dance routine for the talent show.......Otto is busy sanding his PineWood Derby car for the big race at Boyscouts,,,,and Katrina is taking on the project of coaching one of the Special Olympics Basketball teams for our county. Life is good,,,,and there are so many things to celebrate.

After the rush and glitter of the holidays, I have been reflecting on celebrations.....while most celebrations are big and honor life's more momentous occasions, I have been celebrating the living that happens in-between these times.........and I have to tell you, I enjoy these simpler celebrations the best.

Emma Sage is the greatest teacher about celebrating these in-between times........the smiles, the giggles, the 'Ummmmm' when a food tastes great!, a cup of tea with beautiful music playing in the background, a sunset, a sunrise, a good book,,,,,and a deep, deep breath of fresh air after a rain storm. A walk in the woods, a big push on the swings where you feel like your going to reach the clouds.........these are the things I've been celebrating,,,,,,these in-between times when life happens to us, are what we love to celebrate.


Monica said...

Ahhhhh... Red light moments! I love them :). Tara Marie - I'm so glad that you are feeling some control over your life again. I envy you your ability to simplify and step back at this time and look forward to seeing pictures of you once you have achieve your health goals. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

TM, we miss you on-line, but I so admire you for taking some time for YOU! I have made some "resolutions" this year that have nothing to do with weight loss - and they include things like journalling more, reading more - taking care of my soul more. Thank you for sharing your life with us - you're still an inspiration! :)
- Annette