Wednesday, January 25, 2006

After our outing with the ducks we had a fun, yummy lunch and then Emma Sage headed up the Lane with her sisters Greta and Katrina to her friend John's 5th Birthday party....what fun was had......then after dinner we headed out to the doctors because Emma Sage has not been feeling so well....she had a sinus infection [clear, beautiful ears....can you believe she is 4 1/2 and not ONE ear infection, although I read all the time that a child with T21 will 'suffer' from ear infections].....because she has a had time shaking these types of infections she is on an anti-biotic. This is her first visit to the doctors since her 4 year old well-baby-check-up. [[giving thanks]] and besides this sinus bug, she is healthy as can be. We got home, took a nice warm bubble bath, read stories, took our medicine and then off to la-la land. Posted by Picasa

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