Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Winter walk to the Ravine.....

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Emma Sage and I were alone this afternoon, Greta was at basketball and Otto was at his bestfriends, so we took a walk up the lane to the Ravine.......I loved this shot of her on a fallen tree and it reminded me of a poem:

"I walk in nature still alone
And know no one
Discern no lineament nor feature
Of any creature
Though all the firmament
Is o'er me bent,
Yet still I miss the grace
Of an intelligent and kindred face.

I still must seek the friend
Who does with nature blend,
Who is the person in her mask,
He is the man I ask.

Who is the expression of her meaning,
Who is the uprightness of her leaning,
Who is the grown child of her weaning

The center of this world,
The face of nature
The site of human life,
Some sure foundation
And nucleus of a nation~
At least a private station.

We twain would walk together
Through every weather,
And see this aged nature,
Go with a bending stature."

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Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure how I ended up on your beautiful site, but I am ever so glad I did. Your photos are just magical! Beautiful photos, beautiful blog, and the most beautiful of all: your Emma Sage. Thanks for sharing the beauty with us all!