Thursday, December 01, 2005

This little girl is just so delightful! She has the sweetest little voice and is quite the character [like her big sister Nini] and has us all in stitches laughing or going 'awe' all day long.
Last night I went out to the A&P to pick-up milk, eggs, bread [you know the food staples that never seem to stay in the house for long] and Greta took these pictures of Emma Sage.
Greta said that she watched from the background [as she was doing homework] and Emma Sage got Otto's guitar, climbed up on the couch and started strumming and singing [a Blue's song none-the-less].
"My Mommy leave me.......My Mommy go to the A&P" strum, strum, strum.
"I want my Mommy to come back to me"
strum, strum, strum
"I miss my Mommy"
strum, strum, strum
"My Daddy is home, but now my Mommy is gone"
strum, strum, strum
"Maybe she get me yellow pops"
"From the A&PPPPPPPP"
Greta said it was the sweetest and funniest thing she had ever seen.
When I got home she was so excited and told me she sang me a song.
Maybe I have a little song writer on my hands [I don't think a singer cause it seems like the poor little thing has my vocal range!]
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Belovedlife said...

Very cute! I hope you were able to video tape it.