Sunday, December 25, 2005

Sisters on the way to the movies....

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The Ringer......

We saw 'The Ringer' today as a family [a Christmas Movie tradition at our house on the years we are home celebrating and not traveling] and I have to tell you we rated it............all thumbs up!

I thought it was great [theme, plot, dialog, action] [[not the greatest in cinematography, but I'm not a film critique, so I will leave those details to the professionals]]

It was exactly my kind of movie......comical with romance and a profound human message.

I laughed, I cried, I cringed in pain on a few of the antics of Johnny Knoxville,,,,,but mostly I laughed and laughed and fell madly in love with every character [except Uncle Gary, who actually was not that bad of a guy,,,,his disability came out very clear in the movie].

'The Ringer' in my eyes is a wonderful comedy with a valuable lesson. I just adored it and I hope that many, many people get a chance to see it and also fall in love with the characters and maybe at the same time become enlightened to the *message* that we are all human beings and are all part of society..........and laughter is the greatest gift we can share with each other.

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