Sunday, December 04, 2005

Our little Model.......

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Check out today's, December 4, 2005, Toys R Us flyer on page 15A and you will see our little sweet-pea!

Click here for a better link to the flyer online.

The beautiful little girl in the playhouse in the ad next to Emma Sage is our friend, Emma Grace! We met her and her Mommy at a photo-shoot and have been e-mail friends ever since!


Mary said...

That photo is adorable!Thanks for putting Emma Grace in Emma Sage's Blog. They're too cute!

Tara Marie said...

Hey Mary,,,,I'm so glad to see you found our blog!!! Here is to many, many years of Emma Sage and Emma Grace and their adventures! "Oh the Places they will go!" ~ Dr. Seuss

Beanie Baby said...

So cute. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Wow there are so many little beautiful Emma's with T21. Kind of neat isn't it?

Emma Sage looks great in this ad!