Tuesday, December 20, 2005

More commentary on 'The Ringer'....

Special ShowingHow the Farrellys' 'Ringer' Turned Laughing-At Into Laughing-WithBy Don OldenburgWashington Post Staff WriterMonday, December 19, 2005; C01

Here is another commentary regarding the new movie 'The Ringer'.

I found this to be a great commentary and my hopes are that I leave the movie with the same insight as Don Oldenburg of the Washington Post.

We are planning on going to see the movie on Christmas Day [a new tradition of ours, since Rick travels so much, that we make our once-a-year-together-as-a-family-movie-outing on Christmas Day, after presents, church, breakfast.....movie....then dinner, then visiting with neighbors for dessert and drinks].

So look for my *movie review* someday on the 26th!

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