Saturday, December 03, 2005

Ho,Ho,Ho......look who got to see Santa Clause two times happy, giggly little girl. Santa looks very delighted to share a moment with our little angel. Posted by Picasa


Belovedlife said...

What a great shot! it alsmost seems as if they are sharing a secret that only Emma Sage and Santa know....perhaps what mom and Greta will be getting from Santa?
I love stopping by to see the picsof Emma Sage, she is so beautiful, you are truly blessed!

Tara Marie said...

Thank you, this is the one we had to 'purchase' to sit on Santa's lap,,,,but how cute! They were really chatting away....Santa seemed to have a kind spot in his heart for my little nymph and they had a happy, joyful visit!

I love reading your blog[s] is so delightful to see how the magic of T21 touches peoples lives.