Friday, December 30, 2005

A conversation at the mall....

This evening we headed to the mall so Greta could exchange two presents for a different size and color.

Emma Sage and I were sitting at the little pizza pavillion having a slice [upon her sweet demand while passing the pizza joint "Mommy, I hungry, I get pizza pleassssssssse!....and who could refuse a demand as sweet as that!?!]

A young couple walks by our table to empty their tray in the garbage container not too far from our table.....

Miss Emma Sage gets a huge smile on her face and catches the attention of the young man...who smiles back at her.

"What's your name?" Emma Sage asks.

"Chris"....replies the young man "What is yours?"

"Emma Sage...xxxxx" proudly replies Emma Sage

"Hi" ES

"Hi~Hello" the young man and woman.

"How old are you?" asks the young woman

"I four" ~putting up four fingers~ exclaims ES......"Four and a half" she adds.

awwwweee....the couple say....

"You five?" asks Emma Sage of the young man.....who chuckles....."Five plus some" he adds.

"I be five on my birthday" states Emma Sage [so very proudly]

"You a Daddy?" she asks......whereas the young couple giggle lightly with that look of young lovers and say "No, not yet!"

"Bye" ..........they say [and you are just to darn cute,,,,they add] and

"Bye.......blows them a big kisss" responds Miss Emma Sage.

I just smiled the whole time as my little girl had her own sweet conversation at the mall this evening.


Michelle said...

sounds like a fun conversation Emma Sage had with this young couple! It was delightful to read! I was happy to read you'll be keeping your blog updated! I would like to send you our snail mail address but can't find your email anywhere! Can you please email me so I can send you the addy? Thanks much Tara Marie and a blessed New Year to you and your family! (my email:

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Tara Marie, Emma Sage, and the rest of the family.

Wonderful story, she sounds like quite the charmer. Maybe one day we will get to meet the amazing ES!

Kim Ayres said...

Great conversation! Happy New Year Tara Marie!

Belovedlife said...

How cute! Happy new year to you...sounds like miss Emma has it made in the Friend making department, a wonderful quality!