Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving 2005

Everyday blessings,,,,,,,,that is what I am truly Thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day.

We had such a wonderful day celebrating with my family. Rick is away with work [in the Bahamas poor boy] while we are up in the chilly cold. The children and I are used to not having Daddy home during the holidays and they are so good about accepting his absence by giving Thanks for his job that provides us with so much. We headed down to Aunt Jan and Uncle Jeff's and Mamies. The traffic was moving nicely and the kids and I had a blast in the car singing songs and talking. Miss Emma Sage is just a hoot and is just too funny, singing all the songs that her siblings love. We also listened to 101.1 which plays only Christmas songs and Otto reminded us quite a few times that it was only 31 days till Christmas.

We made a broccoli casserole [our specialty it seems] and a pumpkin preparation for us was quite easy....and headed south.

The weather today is cold..........very cold [I'm not ready for this type of cold yet, but I guess I best get getting ready because it doesn't seem that it is going to change anytime soon..........and yes, I will be honest,,,the thought of Rick in the Caribbean doesn't seem fair when the wind chill is this low!]

Dinner was delicious,,,the blessings very beautiful.

The children had lots and lots of fun. I never had cousins my age when I was younger at gatherings so it is so delightful for me to see my children with so many cousins of similar ages to play with at family gatherings.

We arrived home safe and sound and with full belly's.

I give thanks for the abundance of blessings that are bestowed on my family.....we are so very lucky and very humbled by the gifts of health, home, family and friends.

I give thanks for my little girl who reminds me everyday of the beauty and gift of life,,,,and how the little things in life are truly what matters.

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