Friday, November 04, 2005

Sharing the Magic of a Book

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Sharing the Magic of a Book with cousins.

OK....I need help!!! The following three photographs are the photographs that I have in my files that fit with this weeks theme competiton [BOOKS] and I have no clue which one to use. This photograph is a bit rough in its lighting and focus [but it was truly a magical moment with three cousins caught in the power of a story and little Henry being a perfect little baby and letting out a yawn], the next picture below, the one of her Daddy and Cladia sharing a book always tugs at my heart strings, and the third one of her reading her book while laying down resting is endearing to please help me out by letting me know which photograph I should enter. Thanks!!!


RNP said...

Wow, that's a tough decision. I like the top two pictures. They are all great but the top two are a tie for me. Where are you entering them?

Kim Ayres said...

As a Dad, I'm drawn to the 2nd one, but I think the one of the 3 of them together is fantastic

Tara Marie said...

Thanks Rebecca and Kim.....I entered the one of the three [with Henry in the midst of a yawn!]

I'll let you know how I fair this week.

I'm having so much fun with my picture taking.

Claire's mom said...

the one of the three would have been my pick too...

good luck!

Naomi said...

This one is my pick. The baby yawning while everyone else is engrossed is wonderful