Saturday, November 05, 2005


I have found the most delightful process for helping Miss Emma Sage focus. She is truly a wonderful little girl, usually very even tempered, agreeable and outgoing.....but there are times when she is ill or tired and then she turns into a bear. What has been the most incredible method for me to help her refocus is the use of Chi.

Every morning and every night Emma Sage and I practice Chi....we spend 15 to 20 minutes breathing and welcoming the day and at night breathing and releasing the stresses of the day. But this technique has proven to the key for daily harmony. If she is about to have a breakdown, all I gently say is 'Let's do Chi'.........and she begins to breath slowly, bringing her sweet little hands up to her face and exhales while releasing the tension and stress away from her body.

I highly recommend the process............make Chi a part of your mornings and night and at times when the stresses of the day just get to be 'too much'....and breathe and release!

The tapes we use are from LivingArts, called a.m. chi for beginners/p.m. chi for beginners


Lori said...

Your daughter is beautiful! I think I remember you from a Down Syndrome Message Board I use to visit a few years back. My daughter Jackie has Down Syndrome and is going to be 5 years on the 14th. Time sure flies. Well I just thought I would pop in and say HI.

God Bless,

Belovedlife said...

That sounds so relaxing and invigorating...I'll have to find the time to try it.
I love the pictures of Emma Sage, she is such a doll! Love the vibrancy of the colors and contrast of her dress to the background...keep it up mom!