Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bride Waiting

Bride Waiting
Originally uploaded by balloonist33.
When I asked to use permission for this photo on my blog the owner told me this......"I like that your flickr site
mentions that you are trying to help people see the
""sameness"" of people with disabilities. This is
one of my primary objectives in life. We are more alike
than different and almost every one of us will one day know
what it is like to live with a disability. I just wish
everyone understood that different isn't bad, or a problem,
or wrong - it's just different."

I couldn't agree more.

I think that the greatest gift of having Emma Sage in our life is this new vision and amazing journey we are traveling and the incredible people we meet along the away.... balloonist33 is one of those incredible and insightful people!

Life truly is a blessing!

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Anonymous said...

Tara, I often so impressed by the contents of your blog. Your always so insightful and your posts so meaningful. I have sent links to your blogspot so many times to people that I know. I really enjoy it when one of my friends or contacts mentions something they have seen on your blog.

You have reached out into the world both far and wide from the comfort of your home and not only expressed your own personal feelings-you have even taken the time to educate and inform us of things going on in the T21 world. I have been reading your stories, and enjoying your images, for many months now.

It is because of you that I recently found the time to start my own flickr and blogspot. It is because of you that I have connected with other wonderful families such as the Field family. You have provided my life and that of my family so much that is new and enjoyable. For this, I can only say “Thank you”.

I am so glad Balloonist has found our group on flickr. I am hoping this image is chosen for one of the months in the upcoming calendar on flickr. As the parent of a T21 child, this picture says so many things. It in my opinion is very similar to your Grimm's fairytale image of Emma Sage.

By that I mean, when I look at this beautiful bride I am suddenly swept off from the rest of the world and imagining my daughter at this age. The first time I saw it I almost wanted to cry. It wasn’t a sad cry, more like elation for the goals (untold) already achieved by this lovely young woman.

Seeing your blogspot and images such as this beautiful bride provide me so much hope and belief that my child’s future and possibilities are much broader than those that were initially told to me by the unknowing or by close-minded na├»ve people.

Oh, if only everyone in this world with a T21 child could find the stories of the life of Ms. Emma Sage the world would be an even brighter place.