Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sunday conversations

Sunday conversations........

"Mommy, Griffin with God?" Asks Emma Sage
"Yes, Griffin is in heaven with God." I say.

A little bit later we walk to the grave yard on our daily walk.......................first stopping off to see Katrina at the orchard working. We head up the road a bit and we turn into the very old gates, with snow-white headstones whose writing has been washed away from centuries of rain, sleet and snow. Emma Sage turns around in the stroller and looks at me with glee and says "Mommy, were in heaven..............wheres God?"

So I have come to figure-out that she watched the process of burial, knowing that baby Griffin was in the coffin at the graveyard [and us telling her that Griffin was in Heaven with God], and to her understanding, the graveyard is heaven where God is. Makes perfect sense to me!

Another Sunday conversation:

Emma Sage and Otto are in the bath. I tell them, "Otto, no water outside of the tub, keep an eye on your sister."

I hear water splashing and then a big, "Ut-Oh" ~~ so I go in and I say "Emma Sage, I said no water out of the tub" and a reply from my wet little peanut "Nooooo,,,,,,you diiidn't."

To which I reply "Yes, I did"

"Nooooo,,,,,,,you diiidn't" my little imp repeats,,,with more of a taunting tone in it.

"OK, Emma Sage" I say, "please don't splash the water out of the tub."

to which comes "Oh, OK Mommy, I sorry"

And she was right, I didn't tell her, I had told Otto!!
This kid just cracks me up!

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The Field Family said...

Leave it to the little ones to point out the DETAILS!!! And yet, when you ask them to DO something, they lose the ability to reason!