Friday, October 14, 2005

Down syndrome & Doctors

Down syndrome and Doctors.

Brian Skotko was interviewed in NPR radio on October 13, 2005, regarding his research paper on 'How Doctors and other professionals deliver the news to expecting/new parents that their child has Down syndrome [Trisomy 21]'.

As I clicked on the link to listen to the re-broadcast online, Emma Sage was sitting on the floor near the computer doing her 'homework' as she calls it! Lol!!! [She has to be just like her siblings and every evening she sits with books and papers and draws pictures and writes her ABCs and numbers]

Emma Sage looks up from the picture she is drawing [I was not aware she was really listening to what I was listening to] and says proudly "Down syndrome just like me!" at the point when the narrator discusses the topic 'how a doctor delivers the news to a parents when the baby they are carrying or have has Down syndrome'.

I stopped,,,,,looked at this truly amazing little girl of four with Down syndrome and wished I had it video tapped so I could send it to every doctor out there to say 'think of this when you make your delivery of this news'...........because to this little girl, having Down syndrome, "JUST LIKE ME" is truly a wonderful thing!

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