Friday, October 07, 2005

Another one of the crew!!!! Too cute!!! Claudia and Ben and Grammy got to sit and watch the whole & make-up and the pictures appearing on the big computer. The one that they are going to use is absolutely adorable!!! Posted by Picasa


Naomi said...

You'll have to let me know when the catalog comes out. How did Emma Sage get involved with that?

Tara Marie said...

They should start appearing from the beginning of November through the Holiday season. She has 5 different shots in the upcoming ad season [how cool is that?]. I saw a post on the website about two years ago for Toys R Us looking for differently abled children's models...sent in our photos and she is being called again and again. Emma Sage just adores the whole process....I on the other hand have to laugh because my Mothering style is very much not 'mainstream' type toys. One ad Emma Sage is in a Barbie inflatable bed/sleeping bag combination [cute idea] but Barbie is forbidden to reside in our household.

She gets paid wonderfully, but I would do it for free just to help raise awareness of T21 and inclusion. IT also helps that we are within an hour of NYC and are completely flexible with being able to make the photoshoots. She is modeling for Targets next week.

Hey, I saw you saw my black and whites for the new contest...which one do you think I should use, the one I already submitted or the one with Emma Sage and the puppy that you commented on? Thanks!!!