Thursday, September 01, 2005

Toys R Us.....

Well, exciting news from our house!

We got a call earlier this week to come do a photo-shoot for Toys R Us [See page 18]. Last year we got the same call and what a wonderful experience we had.....this year was just as great [if not better, since Mommy didn't have to drive into NYC and only had to go Union City.....I love looking over the Hudson at NYC, but don't miss having to get through the tunnel and find parking!].

Emma Sage got her hair and make-up done [she loved that part] and was such a great little girl, sitting still and following directions.

She wore a medium-green colored cotton shirt and a light moss-green sweat-jacket and pants....and then she got to lay in the coolest Barbie inflatable bed/sleeping bag combination!!! What fun!!!

Merryll made her laugh and giggle and the proof that I got to see was adorable!

So keep your eyes out for Miss Emma Sage in the Toys R Us fliers......look for a sweet little fairy all snuggled-up in a Barbie Bed/Sleeping Bag!What fun!!!


Belovedlife said...

i'll be looking out for miss Emma Sage...then can I say I know a famous model?

Annette said...

How cool is that! Looks like Ms Emma Sage has a budding career.. I cannot wait to see it - so post as soon as you get it!

Smooches to the new model!
- Annette and Ryan

Mary said...

Hi Tara,
It's Emma Grace's mom, Mary. It was nice meeting the both of you today. Hope to see ya at the Buddy Walk! What a fun day it'll be!

Amanda said...

Wow, how awesome for Miss Emma Sage!!! There isn't a Toys R Us near us, so I'll be looking out online for the catalog!!

Amanda, Emma & Sarah

Tara Marie said...

Thanks,,,if you see it in your region let me know! You should have peanut model!

Annette,,,I'm so glad to see you popping by. I'm so happy that the transtion went so well!

Mary!!! It was so nice meeting you and Emma Grace. E-mail me if you can and we can maybe plan on meeting up at the NYC Buddy walk!! How did the photo-shoot go for Emma Grace?

Amanda,,,,you too, I"m so happy to see you visiting our blog!! Give Emma and Sarah a big hug and kiss from Emma Sage and I!

Mary said...

I went to EmmaSage's website to get your email address but didn't see it anywhere. ???

Tara Marie said...

Sorry Mary,,,,

My e-mail is

I'd love to connect with you in NYC.