Saturday, September 24, 2005

This kid is too funny!

She is such a typical little girl! Or should I say, a typical little Daddy's girl!

Emma Sage was naughty this morning ~ so I told her she needed to sit down and think about what she just did [dumped her OJ on the table] and she wasn't too happy that I made her take a time-out.

She runs upstairs crying..................slams her sisters bedroom door and then I hear her sobbing and talking.........I hear "Daddy, please come home now" ~ "Daddy you come home to me". I open the door and there is Emma Sage, sitting on the floor with a toy phone on her ear calling her Daddy in Italy!!!!

Hummmmm,,,,,,how can a four year old act so much like a typical teenager? Am I in trouble or what!?!

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BStrong said...

That's great. At least she realized she did something wrong. My son poured his drink into one of our floor registers yesterday followed by a tortilla. I tried to discipline and all he did was laugh at me. I love him, but he's a little devil.