Friday, September 16, 2005

The sweetest things

The sweetest things...........

Watching your little girl waving excitedly at you from the school bus [only to watch the bus continue down the lane forgetting to stop to drop your sweet one off at her house.........then looking at your oldest daughter and laughing and then getting a bit worried and deciding we will give the bus 5 minutes to return with our precious cargo,,,,, then hearing the bus coming back up the lane, only to be VERY surprised that the bus was making the trip back, BACKWARDS!]

Watching your little girl talking to the picture of her father in the frame on the refrigerator saying "Daddy, you come home to me?" ~ "Daddy, you in Italy?" ~ "Daddy I miss you" and then breaking your heart because she comes up to you with the picture in her hands and tears in her eyes.

Watching your little girl jumping for joy and cheering her sister on the field hockey field............and then laughing because she just can't get the V in Vikings clear enough but won't stop trying to yell 'Go Vikings'….and then a quick smile and a very LOUD and CLEAR 'GO TEAM'!!!!

Watching your little girl wait her turn to tell you what she wants from the grocery store...............her siblings give me their list of what they want and then a very concerned little girl explains to me, "Mommy, I want yellow ice-pops" and then a little giggle and "some gum!" lol!!! I guess she figured that she would give it a shot to get the forbidden gum that she loves so much.

Watching your little girl ask you if her friend Jon can come over to play and then tell me "On Tuesday Mom?" Lately everything is "Tuesday". Too cute!

Watching your little girl fast asleep on the floor of the TV room completely exhausted from her busy, happy day!

So now I get to go pick up my sleeping beauty and cradle her in my arms and drift off to sleep myself.

Man, Life is good.


Amanda said...

Hearing about what Emma Sage has been up to always brings a smile to my face. Had to laugh about the "Tuesday" thing. My oldest (Emma, 5 1/2) is a "last week" kick. Everything is "last week we did this...". Kids are hysterical.

Anonymous said...

We are trying to adopt a little girl with DS who is in the care of the state right now. Your site has been very helpful!!

Thank you!!!

CJ Field

CJ said...

Another beautiful post. I'm looking forward to my daughter learning to talk. I love hearing what comes out of my 5 year old niece's mouth. You just never know!