Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Preschool 2005!

Today was the first day of preschool for Miss Emma Sage.

She was very excited about school starting and has been helping us get ready for the school year.

She woke up way too early [I was hoping with afternoon preschool she would take advantage of sleeping-in, in the morning] but today she decided she was going to get up with her big sisters, at 6:30ish......not such a good idea.

She had bacon, eggs, toast and OJ and then the kids played. She was the one who came up to me to tell me that she had to have a bath "Mom, I need bath for school, I look pretty" [[you think she hears her sisters say the same thing often?]]

So into the tub we she went and got squeaky clean.

She had to pick her outfit out and it was a good thing the weather has cooled off as she would have been too hot in this outfit if school started last week.

She had to brush her hair herself [then she finally let me put the rubber-band in it so the wisps don't fall into her eyes] and brush her teeth. She asked for "Ake-up" [[again, the joys of big sisters! lol!]]

We went out to play to the request of "Mom, the bus coming?" one too many times.

Inside we went to have lunch, grilled cheese, soup, apple slices, yogurt and juice. She ate like a banshee and then had to go sit on the porch with her back-pack on waiting for the bus.

We all came outside to 'wait' and wait and wait. Boy did we wait!

The kids played hand-games and we would stop everytime we heard a vehicle coming down the lane..............only to say "No bus".

We watched our neighbor Jon pass by on his way to preschool [the two are together in school and both Dee, Jon's mom and I are so excited the kids are going to school together].

and we waited,,,,,,and waited.

Finally, at 12:32 p.m. I told Rick that I think the bus forgot us, and Emma Sage and Daddy went off to school. [the school is only two miles from our home so it was a quick ride].

Rick came back and said she went off with a huge smile and a 'Bye-Dad' and never looked back! I guess she has no problem heading off to school.

At 3:15 p.m., I saw Dee drive by with Jon, before the bus came back through [our school offers a fully inclusive preschool program typical/differently-abled, and the typical children are picked by lottery and received a free preschool program, but they must be driven to and from school...........the differently-abled children are bused]............and Jon was excited and told me that he had fun. Dee said that when she asked him the names of his new friends all he told her was 'Emma Sage is in my class"!

and then the bus came winding down the lane.

Emma Sage was all smiles when I got on the bus. There is only she and her friend Skylar on the bus. She said "good-bye" to Skylar and 'Good-bye, Ms. Marylou' to the bus driver and excitedly got out of the bus [with me following her] and jumped right into the arms of her big sister Katrina.

She was very excited to share with us her day. She told us that she jumped and played. She had Jon and Skylar in her class and that she got to wave hello to her big brother Otto when he passed her in the hall.

So the school year of 2005-2006 has officially begun and the first day has already come and gone.

Our wish for you sweet little girl is that you have a magical school year.......May you grow and learn and develop lots of friendships and may all your school days end with a big smile on your face.


Naomi said...

Such a great description of her first day. I'm so glad that she had fun. Great pictures as well.

Beanie Baby said...

Congratulations--what an exciting milestone for you.

Lori said...

Wow, this brought back a lot of memories for me! (Where's that darn Kleenex box when I need it?) Evan just started his Junior year & each year I marvel at how different life is than what I thought it would be when he was born. Much better than I ever imagined!
Oh, and you take great pictures! Emma is so beautiful!