Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Our home town. I love where I live. This is home,,,,,or very close to my childhood home, and is my husbands childhood home. We live just outside the little Hamlet of Califon, NJ.......here the children are standing outside the sign of the old train station. The name of the town was originally called 'California' because it was settled by John Neighbors who made a fortune in the California Gold Rush and returned home to the hills of western, New Jersey and built up the town, which was surrounded by famers and grist mills. The name was changed when the sign painter for the Rail Road couldn't fit the name 'California' on the rail road sign at the station and shortened the name to 'Califon' so it could fit on the sign. The name was offically changed to Califon a few years later............and that is a bit of history of the community that we love and celebrate the days of our lives in! Posted by Picasa

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