Monday, September 26, 2005

My dear sister, Patti Ann and her husband Jim, had a tragic loss this weekend. Their very much wanted and loved son, Griffin Patrick, was born still.

My sister wrote about her experience on her expecting board at Mothering. My heart has broken, because my little sisters heart is broken. I can not put into words the sadness and helplessness I feel. All I can do is love and support Patti and Jim and their three beautiful children, Kelsy, Connor and Fiona and know that Griffin Patrick will always be a part of our hearts and family.

You can read her story 'Griffin Patrick ~ His silent birth story' here.


Naomi said...

I can't imagine the pain your sister and all your family must be going through. She wrote her story beautifully. I wish I knew what to say.

BStrong said...

My deepest sympathies to your whole family. Have comfort in the knowledge
that sunshine will return to the lives of those who grieve.


Belovedlife said...

Our hearts go out to your sister and your famliy. May God bless you and help you all in your time of grieving...god bless, better days are coming, you'll be in our hearts and minds

Beanie Baby said...

I am so sorry, Tara.

There are no words.