Tuesday, September 20, 2005

May you always dance......

She stretches..........

She twirls..........

She points..........

She bends..........

She moves her arms, in line with her feet.

First ~
Second ~
Third ~
Fourth ~
Fifth Position

She dances!

My little girl dances and her face radiates from the joy she is feeling and her movements tell me that her little body is loving every minute of dance class.

Today I am in awe.........

This evening was the first dance class of the new season.

Emma Sage and Claudia had been excited all day because it was finally Monday and they were going to get to go to dance class.

We got dressed [with the cutest new dance outfits from Claudia's Mommy,,,she is a sales rep for Capezio, and these little girls are so very lucky to get samples!] and we did our hair in little buns,,,,,,,,,can you say too cute!

They both stay directed and focused [and to me this is a big feat since dance class is in the nursery school room and it is filled with childhood delights, water tables, dress-up stations, a kitchen area, blocks and books...............and the two of them never waver from the task at hand. Following the directions of their dance teacher Ms. Denise!

What truly amazes and saddens me by watching my little girl, is that this time last year I had signed her up for a preschool dance class and never told the school she had Down syndrome [as I believed it didnt matter]...........and were told at the second class~"We dont teach children like your daughter"~

I found Ms. Denise at Dance Sensations. When I called, this time, I told the school that my daughter had Down syndrome. {It broke my heart because I truly believe that she was discriminated against by the last school, but I did not want to have another experience with prejudice so I mentioned it to this new school.}.............the response was "Sure, we would LOVE to have your daughter attend our school and by-the-way, my daughter also has Down syndrome!"

So you can only imagine the magic of this school.

And my little girl is there..................stretching, twirling, pointing and dancing!!!

May you always dance, sweetheart,,,,,May you always dance!

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Naomi said...

Very descriptive, I can picture it now in my head. I can't believe that in this day and age someone would really exclude a child just because seh has Down syndrome. It doesn't sound like that person even gave Emma Sage a chance. The new teacher you've found sounds wonderful though.