Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Little Things....

Lots of little things going on in our neck of the woods.

Today was Emma Sages first official school picture day!

She decided that she was going to pick out her clothes [with gentle steering from Momma] and she picked out a cute little jumper and MaryJanes............can you say precious!

Of coarse I will cry when the pictures come home in her little backpack [because I cry at the littlest of things] and I am so excited to see her standing with her classmates, I just can't wait for them to come back in a few weeks!

Tonight is back-to-school night for Otto and Emma Sage. Our school district is great by staggering the grades, so I head off at 5:15pm for Emma Sage and then at 7:15 pm for Otto................flying solo these days as Rick is still in Italy.

Greta has a game this afternoon, her team is undefeated! Go Vikes!!

Otto has soccer practice. Thank goodness my mother-in-law is around to help me out [she truly is a blessing and a gem of a woman!]

Katrina has so many things going on at school and with youth group. She is babysitting for me this evening and I know Emma Sage will just be delighted to have her big sis all to herself!

Oh, and the cutest of things. Emma Sage came home from school yesterday and told me "Hola" [OHHHH-LA] "Mom,,,,,,,I said Hello in Spanish!" She was so very proud of herself. The Pre-K has Spanish on Wednesdays.

And we got to meet a classmate at the library yesterday. Emma Sage was so excited to see her friend and told me that she was a "Friend from school".

The weather here is just gorgeous ~ picture perfect days. Cool nights, sunny, breezy and warm days. Absolutely delightful!

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