Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Home from school....saying 'Hello' to her kitty Riley! Emma Sage was very excited when she got off the bus....she told me they 'Sang Happy Birthday' and had 'cake' and she played with 'Skylar and Jon and a nother gurl'! Well, I guess I have no worries,,,,,Emma Sage adores preschool and is off exlporing the world without her Momma! Posted by Picasa


Belovedlife said...

It's great to har that emma is having fun in school. Sad for mommy...I can relate, being that she is now out on her own more and more, and needing mom a little less. But don't worry, she'll always need mom and her kitty too! Have a great week....enjoy you time alone!

Tara Marie said...

Thanks belovedlife!

She has come home each day and told us that she 'I had fun!' and chats away about all they did [sometimes it gets mumbled, but the joy and excitment is coming through loud and clear].

I do in-home child care so I still have two little charges with me while ES is at school....but they nap so I do get some 'alone' time.

I'm so tickeled about your peanut and her connections....she will truly just blossom right infront of your eyes over the coarse of the next two years!