Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wickedly Delicious.........

Key Lime Pie...............nothing could be finer that a slice [or whole pie-plate in Emma Sage's case] than 'Key Lime Pie'.

Greta makes a wickedly delicious Key Lime Pie. She makes this Momma so proud [since Key Lime Pie is my most favorite of desserts]. Actually Key West is my most favorite of places [outside my own little Hamlet here on Maple Lane].

If I could pack-up and move anywhere in the world without consideration of cost; Key West would be where this artistic, laid-back soul would venture off to. Rick would probably differ on location [but that might be because he HAS been to every continent and almost every country in this his horizons are much broader than mine].............but I know he would come visit with us and probably park his body down in that magical location and stay for a long time. Who knows, maybe someday I will venture to move to Key West permenantly,,,,,,,at least I know there my eclectic choice in house colors, or my desire to paint everything whimsically wouldn't be considered 'Avant-Garde' would just blend in with all the other unique characters of that most delightful town in the southern-most point of the United States.

So since this pie is absolutely amazing, it doesn't surprise me to find Miss Emma Sage sneaking into the fridge to steal a bite [or two or three or four]. Well look where I found the pie today.........with a little girl and a huge spoon and lots of 'Ummmmmmms' coming from the TV room.

If you ever get the chance to stop by and visit with us, I'll be sure to have Greta bake-up this wickedly, delicious treat...........that is if Emma Sage doesn't sneak into the refridge and pillage the whole plate.


Belovedlife said...

Sounds delicious! Emma sage is so amazing. congrats on the hula hoop. She's really growing up.

Tara Marie said...

The pie is to die yummy! ES is just so proud of herself for mastering this, we got her a smaller hoop about a week ago, and that seems to have done the trick. We had large and medium size hoops, but this smaller hoop is just the right size [hey, that sounds like a fairy tale,,,too big, too small,,,just the right size!]

You'll have to stop by someday for a slice of pie and for the girls to play!