Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Ok,,,,,,so Howie Mandell just made a fool out of me.

Greta and I were up late last night watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Earlier in the evening we had turned on the Roast of Pamela Anderson [replay], just to hear for ourselves the comedian, Greg Giraldo [what a disgusting comic,,,,won't ever watch him again...........I'd rather watch Andrew Dice Clay] who made the awful attack on Comedy Central Star Adam Corolla. What he said wasn't even funny,,,,it was hurtful and a disgusting attack.

Anyway, I was telling Greta that Howie Mandell, like other great comics don't need to cross the line and make offensive comments to be successful and funny, that they understand humor on its highest level,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and then he made a fool out of me.

In the middle of talking to Jay Leno [and I have to tell you he was very funny and entertaining, up until this comment]. He was talking about shopping with his wife and getting distracted in the make-up kiosk putting the colorful samples all over his fingers...............upon leaving the store he realized he had makeup all over him.......................then started touching his wife's face, without her even realizing he was wiping the colors all over her [this in-of-itself is actually quite funny] but then he let the BOMB drop. He had to ruin the comic moment by saying that she looked like a 'R******* Indian'.

Sorry, but an 'R*** Indian' is not a funny thing, it is a natural human condition for over 10 million Americans. If an Indian that had retardation put their 'war paint' on all mixed up,,,,it wouldn't be funny, it would be an accomplishment for them, and not something to laugh about.

So check Howie Mandell off my list of entertainers that I will continue to watch.

These people have full control over what they say.................and I have full control over if I will support their shows.

I hope Jay Leno has the nerve to address this issue..........'cause I sure do like listening to his comedic style.


Mauzy said...

Oh Tara, Howie Mandell has "don't go there" to me written all over him. Besides, how in gods name can you be up this late and still advocate for our children? Go to bed ;)

Tara Marie said...

I know Jan,,,I just figured he was an intelligent man and that he was 'above' that level.....Wrong!