Monday, August 22, 2005

Monday's at 9:00 PM........I'm hooked!

So do you want to know where you can find me on Monday's at 9:00 PM? Sitting in front of the TV!!!

Yes, you heard that right. Me, the gal who never has time to even sit down for a half-hour show [or the desire to even follow an ongoing program] is glued infront of the TV with Katrina, Greta, Otto and Emma Sage by my side watching Beautiful People on ABC Family Channel.

Not since Little House on the Prairie aired original shows back in 1974, have I been so excited about a TV series [OK,,,so that is a stretch, I loved eargerly awaiting a new Seinfeld episoid and can still be found watching in often in reruns ~ inbetween folding loads of laundry!] BUT not since then have I had that teenage desire to pencil in my journal [Monday at 9, can't do anything else because the newest BP is on!] and sit and giggle and scream [when Nicky kissed Sophia,,,,,,can you say, goose bumps!] and just have a great time watching TV.

It is so much fun to have something that my girls love as much as I do!

So if you haven't checked it out yet, I say, you must! So far it has proven to me to be a series that is worth my time to watch [and I'm so thankful it is a great opportunity for my girls and I to have an interest in the same thing.]

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